Monday, 1 January 2018

Poetry New Year's Resolutions 2018

So, we survived Christmas and New Year's Eve 2017. Well done everyone!

Now it's time to get all reflective and think about self-improvement: time for Poetry New Year's Resolutions!

I am notoriously bad at keeping New Year's Resolutions. But, in recent years I've devised a cunning plan for making sure I stick to at least fifty percent of my resolutions. The plan is this: just make loads and loads and LOADS of resolutions! So many that you're bound to hit some of them, just by simply existing. I call this the 'scatter-gun approach' and it's super effective.

People still care about Pokemon, right?

Leanne's New Year’s Resolutions - 2017
1. Read at least ten poetry collections, anthologies or zines
2. Do at least ten more workshops
3. Go to at least twenty-five new (to me) poetry nights
4. Write a half-hour poetry set/show for performance
5. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe

So how did I get on?

Well, I read exactly ten poetry collections/anthologies/zines this year including: Division Street by Helen Mort, Physical by Andrew MacMillan, Amanda Lovelace's The princess saves herself in this one, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur,  The Venus Papers by Lydia Towsey, Sophie Sparham's Mind the GapStrange Keys by Ash Dickinson, the Mud Press Christmas Zine 2, the Small Acts of Kindness anthology and the Haiku to Fuck to anthology too.

I facilitated eleven workshops this year, including some lovely projects with Writing East Midlands, Nottingham City Council and the Museum of Cambridge. I also really enjoyed doing some after-school creative writing workshops with young people this year, but I'd really like to extend this and work more in schools in 2018. (I'm sending out emails as well speak!)

In terms of performance, I did thirty-eight separate poetry gigs this year (three more than last year's total). Twenty-eight of those thirty-eight were completely new to me, which gives me a 73% New Gig Rate - two percentage points higher than last year!

One day, I will make a graph of this...

Cor, look at those lovely poetry statistics!

But, most importantly of all, I FINALLY made it to the Edinburgh Fringe and it was BRILLIANT!

Edinburgh, you gorgeous bastard!!

So that’s four out of five resolutions completed, which is pretty decent, all things considered.

However, I still didn't manage to put together that elusive poetry show in 2017. BUT there is a *very exciting project* on the horizon for 2018 so, if the funding comes through, then hopefully I'll have a bit more time and space to do some serious writing! Watch this space for further details coming soon!

And my new resolutions for this year?

Leanne's New Year’s Resolutions - 2018
1. Read at least twenty poetry collections or anthologies
2. Do at least ten more creative writing workshops
3. Go to at least thirty new (to me) poetry nights
4. Compete in at least five poetry slams
5. Put at least ten new poetry videos up on my youtube channel

Wish me luck, and happy poeting for 2018 everyone!

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