Tuesday, 6 June 2017

TUESDAY NIGHT NEWS - Interpretations, Other Languages and Representing Nottingham

Hello lovely people! Just a very quick one today, to let you in on an exciting piece of news that I’ve just received. ***excited face***

The excellent folks at Nottingham City of Literature have been sharing the video we made together, featuring my poem, No Such Thing as a Bacon Roll. Their friends at Ljubljana City of Literature in Slovenia saw it and liked it, and are going to translate the poem into Slovenian for an article they’re running on their website!

This is Slovenia - innit gorgeous? (Picture by Michael Gabler)

I think this is the first time my poetry has been translated into another language – that I know of anyway – and certainly the first time it’s ever been translated into Slovenian!

I absolutely cannot wait to be able to share it with you!

On a related note, the lovely Matt Turpin from Nottingham City of Literature has been testing out the automatic subtitle feature on youtube, using my poem, and it seems that the subtitling algorithm has a very different interpretation of what Nottingham is all about…

I don’t know whether this speaks to my terrible accent, or the fact that machine-learning is not as advanced as youtube would like to think, but either way, the new version of the poem makes for interesting reading:

No such thing as a camera you guys
Choose a cop
Huber Canal, she’s slender
Market Forrestfield
Be fair the market
Where stone lion
And nothing in life
Choose walking through the arboretum on a warm summer’s evening
Or vomit rear and hook
On the back of the base fee
Morning vintage stuff
Even broken cocktail
Or try in vain pepper theorem
To the castle that isn’t even a council
Recorder more
Recorder more hours
Choose the rebels and the underdogs
Choose DH Lawrence Brian Clough
At law Byron!
Nailed win
And Super Life Heidi –hi!
Alan Sillitoe and Torvill and Dean
Shoes, Paul Smith
Choose some of the best inventions of the 20th century
An fMri machine
HP thought and supermarket sweep
Choose trem fridge and Meadow lane
Choose the most appoint arena and the City Ground
You will be stumbling out of the ocean at 4am
With no idea where your sugar bright
Green chance pics are Robin Hood
Absolutely everywhere
Which is friendly conversation with
Strangers on buses
She’s taken a mick and not get the marble
Choose I
Choose the pump


There’s something bizarrely beautiful about it, don’t you think? My favourite bit is definitely “Morning vintage stuff / Even broken cocktail / Or try in vain pepper theorem”.

Why not check out the original video here, and see if you can read along?

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