Monday, 15 May 2017

MONDAY NIGHT NEWS - Crosswords Open Mic and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Oh my good gravy! I've only gone and done it!

After about five years of saying I was going to – and then not having enough annual leave to make it happen – this year I've actually managed to book myself some tickets for the Fringe!


Watch out Edinburgh! I'm coming for you!

I'll be up in the hilly Scottish capital from 15th to 20th August, and I absolutely *can't* wait to get up there and check it out!

I'll be performing at She Grrrowls on Friday 18th August and at the Say Owt Slam on Sunday 20th August, with more dates to be announced – if and when I manage to wangle them!

I've never been to the Fringe before, so I'm really looking forward to hanging out at the Banshee Labyrinth, and seeing as many poetry shows as possible. I'm hoping to get some inspiration from watching other performers, with a view to bringing my own show up to the Fringe in a couple of year's time.(Yeah, I'll believe that when I see, Moden!)

I'm also hoping to climb Arthur's Seat and maybe even see the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo.(This is vaguely more plausible that the writing my own show guff...)

If you've got any recommendations for shows I should see at this year's Fringe, please do let me know. I'm hoping to make the most of of my very short stay! 

Also this week, we had another subterranean spoken word spectacular in the form of Crosswords Open Mic.

Some words in lieu of a proper logo

Our lovely creative congregation gathered in the caves under the Malt Cross for some fabulous open mic, and an absolutely brilliant featured set from Mr Rob Gee. Rob made us laugh, gasp and squirm in equal measure with his excellent and engaging performance. By turns hilarious, supremely cheeky and surprisingly poignant, Rob's set was really well received by our lovely audience.

Good face-pulling Rob - but not quite as good as me

We also had some wonderful performances on the open mic, with an impressive mix of content, styles and experiences being shared on stage. There were lots of pieces touching on mental health issues, which was very fitting given that it was National Mental Health Awareness week, and it was great to see that performers felt comfortable sharing their poems with us.

It was also had a truly international open mic this month, with performers from places as far flung as India, Mexico (via Leicester), Eastern Europe, and even that London! It was great to see such variety and such a high standard of performance too!

Crosswords will be back in the caves on Wednesday 14th June with a massive featured set courtesy of Yorkshire-based poet Geneviève L. Walsh.

Slightly blurry, but I think it adds to the ambiance

Geneviève has an incredible talent for funny, well-observed poetry, and I can't wait to welcome her to Nottingham as part of her tour to promote her first collection, The Dance of a Thousand Losers. Check out our facebook page for full details!

Next week I'm heading down to Dorset for my first field-based festival of the Summer. I'm off to Badbury Rings Rewind, a small music and arts festival on the site of an Iron Age Hill fort right in the middle the rolling Dorset countryside. How awesome does that sound?!