Saturday, 22 October 2016

POEM - Starstruck

About six months ago, a lovely friend of mine called Catie asked me a favour. And, when I found out what the favour was about, I was both delighted and terrified. See, Catie was getting married in October and she wanted me to write a poem for the ceremony.

Now, if you're aware of some of my poems, you might think that a sentimental, heartfelt wedding poem might be a little bit beyond my capabilities. Don't worry, I thought that too! But Catie and her partner Ben had every faith in me. So, armed with some ideas (and this poem by Wendy Cope, should I fail to come up with anything myself) I promptly dossed about for six months and did virtually nothing.

Then, just when I thought I would let everyone down, a new idea came to me. And so, I wrote a poem.

I hurriedly wrote it up and I sent it through to Catie and she played it to Ben and they both liked it. Hooray! Excellent happy ending; well done everyone!

And, I'm pleased to say that, when I performed the poem at the ceremony, it worked really well! It was nerve-wracking and wonderful and I even made a few people cry! (In a good way, I hope!)

So congratulations to Catie and Ben! And here's the poem.You can also listen to it on my soundcloud page here.

Sometimes I get the feeling maybe we first met in space
coz we’re both stars, our constellations shifting into place.
The patterns in this cosmos match the freckles on your face
but it’s your generosity that helps me keep my faith.

See, infinity’s indelible and that’s intimidating
but I would wait forever if you chose to keep me waiting.
We’re star-struck, star-crossed, starry-eyed, you’ll get my 5 star rating
but you’re not a mass of heat and gas – that’s not what I’ve been saying!!

Instead, I think you’re awesome; you’re a blazing super nova
and, like a NASA scientist, I’ve tried to get to know you.
Now gravity and love have got us spinning even closer.
This voyage has been wonderful and it’s still far from over.

I’ve navigated oceans on the strength of your advice
and called you unbelievable maybe once or twice…
But, though I know astrology’s a little imprecise,
our fate feels universal like a starry winter’s night.

You're celestial perfection and to me you're luminous.
(If van Gough was alive, he'd want to paint the two of us.)
So I'm afraid you're stuck with me, for better or for worse
but I'll be your observatory if you'll be my universe.

Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble Telescope

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