Tuesday, 9 August 2016

POEM - The Pangolin

A little while ago I asked people on my facebook page for ideas for poems. This is one of those. It's a very silly poem about dating a Pangolin, and it's for Damien:

The Pangolin
I’ve started dating pangolin
With plated armour on their skin;
We run and dine and dance and sing
And never fear for anything.

My pinecone-bodied pangolin
Is never sad or mau-de-lin.
He never talks about admin;
He always sports a cheeky grin.

He loves to play the mandolin
And always takes his medicine
When he plays, he plays to win –
Competitive are pangolins.

He never, ever skips the gym,
Takes criticism on the chin;
He has the thickest of thick skins
That easy going pangolin.

He’s neat and tidy as two pins;
He polishes his keratin.
And worries if I get too thin,
Which is really kind of him.

He always carries safety pins
And always tells you where he’s been;
My mother thinks the world of him –
He’ll show me up, that pangolin.

But then he went off travelling
And that’s the last I saw of him.
And so, I’ve started on the gin;
I really miss that pangolin.



  1. Lol this is fabulous. I would love to see the inevitable drunk texts following the break up.

    1. Ha! That's a brilliant idea! Watch out for the drunk texts, coming soon! ;)