Sunday, 28 August 2016

POEM - Museum of Cambridge Poetry Trail

Last week, I mentioned the Poetry Trail that I put together for the Museum of Cambridge.

The trail included six poems written especially for children, and each poem related to one of the objects in the Museum's collection. The poems were displayed around the museum, and visitors had to read them and guess which poems related to which objects.

It was a really fun brief, and I wanted to share a couple of the poems here.

This first one was based on a really strange nineteenth-century clay pipe, which was moulded to look like a chicken. I'm not really sure why it was shaped like a chicken - people in the past were weird, I guess? - anyway, I wrote this poem about the chicken pipe:

Bird's Eye View

I have two eyes, but cannot see.
I'm handsome though, don't you agree?
And here I am, out on display!
My beak and wattle made of clay.

I'm shaped to look just like a bird –
Though not the kind that I'd prefer.
I'm not a swan, instead I'm stricken
To look exactly like a chicken!

I've never squawked though sometimes puffed
And now I've quit – I'm really chuffed!
See, smoking damages your health;
I'm happier up on this shelf.

I'm not a flute or a recorder
(Saying that is out of order!)
So don't believe the noise and hype
I am a different sort of pipe.

What an odd object!

I really enjoyed writing poems that were also riddles, so I also wrote a slightly more cryptic one about a vintage tennis ball cleaner. (I know, there's a lot of weird items in this museum - that is 100% why I like it!)

The Strangest Thing

Bristle-toothed mouth
Half-moon broom

Inside-out hedgehog
Wooden elbow-polisher

Curled-over conker shell
Spider-webbed dimple

Comb-feathered nest
Dent waiting for the egg

Small spiky head-rest
Cupped palm full of eyelashes

A bristle-toothed mouth (Tennis Ball Cleaner)

The museum were really pleased with the Poetry Trail, and I'm really happy with how the poems turned out! In fact, I can definitely see myself doing more of these in the future!

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