Friday, 1 July 2016

POEM - Picking up the pieces

I read an article recently about a family who were no longer on speaking terms, due to their respective leave / remain opinions on #Brexit. 

Although I am genuinely gutted by last week's result, which will probably do the UK (or what's left of it) a lot of harm in the long-run, I feel desperately sorry for the rifts the vote has created in families and communities. There's been a reported rise in hate crimes off the back of the referendum vote, which is utterly despicable, and what Britain needs now is for all people on both sides of the debate to come together to stamp out intolerance. 

This poem is about that. It's a 'skinny poem', which is a form with eleven lines, in which the first and final line have the same words in them (though not necessarily in the same order), and the second, sixth and tenth lines form the refrain. I hope you like it: 

Picking up the pieces
When you cry
"I didn't vote for this"
As unintended consequences bite
Like broken glass.
When you sneer
"I didn't vote for this"
Smug as a soothsayer
Standing in the ruins
Remember that I will still hold you – even though
I didn't vote for this –
When you cry.

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