Sunday, 3 July 2016

POEM - No Such Thing as a Bacon Roll

On Monday afternoon, I'm going to be hosting a poetry workshop at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. (The workshop is actually open to all ages - despite the website saying it's only for 16-21 year olds!) 

One of the themes of this workshop will be film/cinema. One of the exercises will involve writing about Nottingham in the style of a film script. So of course, I had to have a go at that myself too! 

Here's my attempt. It's a little list poem about Nottingham, in the style of Trainspotting:

No Such Thing as a Bacon Roll

Choose Life. Choose a cob.

Choose a canal.

Choose Sneinton Market and Forest Fields,
Goose Fairs and Market Squares,
Stone Lions and Nottingham Lace.

Choose walking through the arboretum on a warm summer’s evening
Or bombing through Radford on the back of a bicycle.

Trawling for vintage togs and vegan grub in Hockley
Or trying in vain to pet the deer in Wollaton park.

Choose a castle that isn’t even a castle.

Choose music around every corner and more art galleries than you can
Shake a stick at.

Choose the rebels.
And the underdogs.

Choose DH Lawrence, Brian Clough and Lord Byron.
Nell Gwyn and Su Pollard;
Alan Silitoe and Torvill & Dean.

Choose Paul Smith.

Choose some of the best inventions of the twentieth century:
Ibuprofen and fMRI machines,
HP Sauce and Supermarket Sweep.

Choose Trent Bridge and Meadow Lane,
The Motorpoint Arena and the City Ground.

Rayleigh Bikes and Boots the Chemist.

Choose the Alley Cafe. Choose Sat Bains.
Choose stumbling out of Ocean at 4am with no idea where your shoes are.

Bright green trams and pictures of Robin Hood absolutely everywhere.

Choose friendly conversations with strangers on buses.
Choose tekkin the mick and not gerrin a mard on.

Choose one of the most diverse communities in the UK.

Choose life. Choose a cob.

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