Thursday, 26 May 2016

POEM - Throwback Thursday

Yesterday, I got an email from the Lookout Gallery in Aldeburgh about some of the poems I wrote when I did a residency there back in 2014. I was there as part of the Museum of Beyond project, a whimsical installation curated by Suffolk artist Fran Crowe.

Fran spends a lot of her time beach combing along the Suffolk coast, using the thousands of eroded plastic objects that she finds as a basis for her thought-provoking artwork. With the Museum of Beyond, she imagines how a future society might see our twenty-first century waste - mislabelling artefacts in a futuristic museum as a way to highlight the levels of pollution in ours oceans and encourage people to rethink the way they currently use and dispose of plastics.

While I was in Suffolk, I wrote a lot about the exhibition, and one of my Museum of Beyond poems has been chosen by the Lookout Gallery for their first ever poetry anthology!

So that's exciting.

And, because I am so very fond of you lot, I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of the poem that's going into the anthology. It's a short one called 'Lighter' and it goes like this:

Flick the flint, ignite the spark,
Illuminate the deepest dark.
Illuminate all shades of grey
Until the shadows fade away.
Vanquish every beast and foe,
And light the way you'd wish to go.
Tame the fire and tame yourself,
Search for beauty, not for wealth,
And never compromise your health.
Signal to each passing ship,
Fan the flames and lick your lips.
Turn the wheels and grind the gears
And cauterise your wildest fears.
Take photographs, not souvenirs,
And measure time in days, not years.

Found artwork by Fran Crowe

Inspiration for 'Lighters'

I wrote loads of poems during my stay at the Museum of Beyond. This one is called 'Change':

That's what the sign said.
Change now. Change for good.
Because a change is as good as a rest
And the rest can take care of itself.
Not for the sake of changing
But for the experience of being changed.
Make a change. Change your mind.
Know that adaptability breeds creativity
And inertia is a choice born from fear.
Choose to change.
Change your ways. Change your mind.
Have a change of heart.
Because only then can you start to become
Who you are.
Some things never change
Don't be one of them.
Some things never change.
That's what the sign said.

Change, Angel or Danger? No one knows

There's *so* much plastic in the seas, you guys

The amount of plastic in the world's oceans is a massive problem - with some studies estimating that there's over 245,000 tons of rubbish in the seas at any one time. For more information on this issue, check out this National Geographic article, or have a look at the Plastic Oceans website.

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