Saturday, 2 April 2016

POEM - The Cheesemonger

I was looking for good poetry quotes yesterday (to make myself a poetry slogan T-shirt - is that weird?) and I came across this excellent one: 

“Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” - G K Chesterton

Well, Mr Chesterton, that sounds like a bit of a challenge to me! Cue a large number of cheese-related google searches, and one incredibly cheesy poem:

The Cheesemonger

From Timbuktu to Amsterdam
Everyone loves Parmasan
And you know, there’s nothing sweller
Than creamy piles of Mozzarella.

See, every honest devotee
Swears there’s always time for Brie.
And you could boost your low morale
With just a sniff of Emmental.

For cubic cheese, there’s nothing better
Than squares of crumbly Grecian Feta.
Trust me now, you’ve really gotta
Taste the taste of smooth Ricotta.

The expert and the amateur
Can share a runny Camembert
While others exercise their molars
With tonnes and tonnes of Gorgonzola.

Though this list is less than roomy,
I still have space for fresh Halloumi.
And, if you want my testimony,
Nothing beats a Mascarpone.

But, don't forget - I beg you please -
The lumpy joy of Cottage Cheese!
And, when you can, seek to pursue
Those squeaky blobs of warm Fondue.

While many cheeses are critque-less,
Even so, there's one cheese weakness:
So, in your choices, be robust –
And never eat the processed stuff!
Mmmm, cheese!

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