Saturday, 23 April 2016


We are indefinable
Unkept promises and unwritten love letters
Overdue library books left on petrol station forecourts.
We are a fraction, divided by zero
The movement a the edge of the Venn diagram
Spit spat onto hot pavements.
We are your final warning and your very last chance
We are dead celebrities and living politicians
The smell of rotten vegetable matter, tobacco and raw meat.
We are not quite one thing or the other
A window shattered by the body of a bird
The stringless guitar strumming silent melodies.
We are woodsmoke and wanderings
The scent of sex in stained sheets
A three course meal in a shitty restaurant.
We are cyclical arguments
A long-lost sibling with too many memories
Rusted padlocks on a chain-link fence.
We are the tip of your tongue and the back of your mind
We are everything and nothing
And that's just the way we like it.