Thursday, 7 April 2016

POEM - Hunting Inspiration

Bring a large net,
A torch and a stethoscope.
Two dozen gloves,
Night vision goggles
And fifteen yards of string;
For inspiration is found in
The strangest places.

Walk slowly,
Making sure to pass
The same landmarks
A hundred times
In great swooping circles;
For inspiration lurks
Inside the mundane.

Empty your mind
And unfocus your eyes.
Try to view life
Like a Magic Eye:
Full of hidden meaning –
For inspiration often appears
Along the peripherals.

Set your trap
And wait. It might be
Days before it
Bites. Or years.
Stay vigilant, Friend,
For inspiration often creeps in
Unnoticed, unbidden.

When it comes,
Trips the trap,
Grasp it with both
Hands and wrestle it
Onto the page;
For inspiration is nothing
Without execution.

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