Tuesday, 19 April 2016

POEM - Beige

I did another colour poem (based on this prompt from 2013). This time, beige gets a chance to shine!

It’s vomit and boredom
And unhealthy food.
Not quite white or yellow
And not even nude.
The colour of pus
And drab public loos;
When picking a shade
It’s the last one I’d choose.

But beige isn’t all
That it’s painted to be:
It’s clifftops and sea shells
And warm milky tea.
It’s brand new apartments
And crackers with brie.
It’s teddies and puppies!
It’s easy to see

Why beige is a colour
That gets a bad name
But ‘boring’ and ‘crucial’
Aren’t one and the same.
Is no marker of shame;
And just coz it's pasty,
That doesn't mean tame.

See, if you rate Glazebrook –
For he said it first –
Then beige is the shade
Of the whole Universe!*
I’ve change my opinion
My thoughts are reversed:
I’m so keen on beige
That I think I might burst!

And then I remember
The colour of fat,
Of grease and ennui;
And I'm tried of that.
Sometimes it's grim
And there's no caveat.
Beige has a dark side,
You can't deny that.

But it has different shades
So don't cause a fuss:
It may not be bright
But it's still luminous!
It’s leopard print, vomit,
It’s beeswax and pus.
It’s good stuff and bad stuff,
Just like all of us.

*Cosmic Latte is the aggregated colour of the universe! How cool is that? 

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