Sunday, 14 February 2016

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS - DIY Poets, 28 Sonnets Later and videos galore

Hello hello hello. How are things? I accidentally stabbed myself with a bread knife today while being over-zealous with my sandwiches. I also did some other stuff this week:

First up, I need to just say that this year's 28 Sonnets Later project is *so* much fun! I absolutely love writing poems based on randomly picked works of art, and the work by Andy, Adam, and Russell has been bloody brilliant so far!

In case you’re not yet up to date with 28SL, here’s the links to this week's poems:
#8 – Splatter by Russell J Turner
#9 – The Art Collector by Leanne Moden
#10 – The Banquet by Adam Warne
#11 – Indispensable by Andy Bennett
#12 – The Gods' Eternal Game by Russell J Turner
#13 – Post-Apocalyptic Advertising by Leanne Moden
#14 – Valentine's Day Sonnet by Adam Warne

Andy's poem about Tracy Emin's bed has been liked by the people who run Tracy's twitter account. If that isn't a celebrity endorsement, I don't know what is!

My next sonnet is going to be a weird one, because it's based on a piece of art that I actually can't look at for longer than a minute without feeling deeply queasy. Tune in to the 28 Sonnets Later website on Wednesday to find out whether I manage to write fourteen lines about it without being sick!

Away from cyber space (Honestly, who says that, these days! It's not 1998, Leanne!) I spent my Thursday evening last week in the company of a fine group of poets, for the DIY Poets show at the Maze on Mansfield Road.

It was a great night, with some really strong performances from the DIY-ers, and a great set from musicians Pop Orchestra.

I was really chuffed to be given a headline set at this particular gig, and I performed a mix of old and new poems, which seemed to go down really well. I also got my cameraman (read: long-suffering boyfriend) to take some videos of my performance. See below:

The main reason for doing some illicit videoing is so I have some decent 'performance' stuff to use in festival applications. However, it also means that I can *finally* start a youtube channel, like all the cool kids!

There are only four videos up there at the moment, but hopefully, we'll shoot some more at different gigs in the future. (If I can persuade my cameraman, that is!)

Next week, I'm doing a short set as part of Poetry is Dead Good, which is at the Jam Cafe in central Nottingham. They'll also have sets from Andy Szpuk and headliner R A Villanueva, plus loads of open mic sets and music from Future Shinjuku, so come on down if you can! The show starts at 7:30pm. See you there!

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