Monday, 1 February 2016

POEM - Happiness

Last week I did some workshops with the some year seven boys at a school in London. One of the things I asked them to do was think about their senses when writing poetry. I asked them to think about smells, sounds, tastes and textures, and they came up with some really great work! I also wrote a little bit poem of my own:


Happiness smells like
Lavender and honeysuckle
Musty old books on attic-room shelves
Wood smoke and wet leaves
Hot fish and chips smothered in vinegar

Happiness tastes like
Cherry lip balm
Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake
Sea salt in the air
A massive pile of chicken nuggets

Happiness feels like
A woolly jumper on a winter's day
Wearing your comfiest shoes
Laying down on freshly-cut grass
Running your fingers through blancmange

Happiness sounds like
A duck's quack
A samba beat on a Cassio keyboard
Birds singing in the hedges
The theme tune to your favourite TV show

Happiness looks like
Boiled sweets and new notebooks
Fields racing by the train window
A huge chocolate cake
Googly eyes on a greetings card

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