Monday, 18 January 2016

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS - Write Minds and House of Verse

This week, I was really pleased to hear that one of my poems is going to published in an anthology called 'Madder Than We Look' as part of the Write Minds project.

Write Minds is a Nottingham based organisation that works with people who have experience of self-harm, depression, and suicide, helping them to express themselves through creative writing projects and the arts. They do incredible work, and you should definitely check them out!

The anthology is due out in the next few months, so keep an eye out for it!

I also managed to get myself invited to a really posh event at the Bishop of Ely's gaff on Friday night, for one of their 'Music and Poetry' evenings. It was a really lovely evening, with loads of great local poets and musicians in attendance, and a special guest performance from Rowan Williams, the former arch bishop of Canterbury.

Although I'm not a particularly religious person, I've always really enjoyed Dr Williams' poetry, which is beautifully intricate yet wonderfully understated. Of course, my main plan was to ask the former arch bishop about his top ten favourite cathedrals - obviously!

This one's my favourite - but I'm biased!

But in the end, I didn't get a chance to chat with our guest speaker. Majorly gutted!

However, he did give me a friendly eyebrow wiggle from across the room, so I think we're probably best friends now.

Finally this week, I went along to The Music Café to take part in House of Verse, a massive monthly showcase of comedy, music and spoken word. 

House of Verse, looking awesome!

Hosted by the very marvellous Hibword, and filled with amazing performances, House of Verse was a cracking night out! 

I know that lots of events are always billed as having 'something for everyone' but in this case, it's completely true! Everyone who performed was excellent; I particularly enjoyed the lyrical talents of Munroop Panesar, and the instrumental guitar amazingness of Jim Ghedi really stood out. 

I also loved Poetman's spoken word loop-pedal wizardry, and Mr Shay's effortless confidence on stage was really impressive to watch. Dave McGuckin was hilarious, and Dan Webber's poem about his penis had the crowd in stitches!     

Even if you weren't there on Saturday, you can still catch my performance on my tentative new Youtube channel! I'm hoping to put a couple of things up on there over the next month or so, with a view to using it as a kind of online CV for festival applications. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and maybe you'll see me in a field near you some time soon!   
Bestival '14

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