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I know how much of a cliché it is to do a 'Year in Review' post (in fact, I said as much last year). But it's happening and there's nothing you or I can do to stop it, so we'd better just ride the wave of nostalgia, all right? Get your memory surfboard, coz here we go:

January // February // March
2015 got off to a pretty exciting start when I did a supporting slot for Luke Wright at the Hammer and Tongue Poetry Slam in Cambridge. I helped judge the Cambridgeshire regional Poetry by Heart competition, performed at the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival, and my second pamphlet was published by Stewed Rhubarb Press. I also took part in the first ever Cambridge Anti-Slam, and Lunar Poetry folk interviewed us about the Fenland Poet Laureate Awards and Fen Speak (check out the interview HERE).

In February, I wrote sonnets with  Russell J Turner, Adam Warne and Andy Bennett, for our forth sonnet writing challenge, 28 Sonnets Later. I also performed at Trinity College, Cambridge, did a workshop with Y13s at Kimbolton School, and got the chance to be part of the judging committee for the Fenland Poet Laureate awards!

March was another busy month: I performed at Beasts and Bards, Listen Softly London, Espresso Library, and the Cambridge Speak Easy, and we announced the winners of the Fenland Poet Laureate Awards.

Beasts and Bards

April // May // June
In April, I did NaPoWriMo with some awesome poets from Cambridge, Norwich and London, and we each managed to write thirty poems in thirty days. I took part in Poetry to Go at the Cambridge Literary Festival, recorded some poems for the Peterborough Green Festival (podcast here), and did some poems at Rhymes with Orange in London. I had a poem published in Poems for Peace, featured at Tapas and Tales in Suffolk, and did a gig at Queen Mary University London.

My favourite gig in May was the Poetry Rivals Slam in Peterborough, and in June, I did poems at the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge and at The Chocolate Poetry Club in London town. I also travelled down to Camden for the first ever National Anti-Slam. Before we moved away to the East Midlands, I did my final Fen Speak show. And cried. A lot.

Chocolate Poetry Club

July // August // September
In July, I did Forget What You Heard (About Spoken Word) in London, as well as loads of poetry workshops as part of Arts Alive in Cambridgeshire. I also when down to Essex to perform in Colchester with Martin Newell, and did some poems at the first ever St Ives Discovery Day.

August is always a month of festivals, and this year I performed at the Colchester Free Festival in Essex, and Folk East in Suffolk. We also started exploring Nottingham, and I did some open mics with the DIY Poets and Poetry is Dead Good.

September was another busy month: I performed at the Superheroes of Slam competition in Leicester, and at the Nottingham Playhouse Open Day, as well as was the Stuff of Life Festival in Hedley Villas Park. I also got my poem published in the Fenland Reed, a publication created by this Year's Fenland Poet Laureate Jonathan Totman, and his partner Mary Livingston.

Stuff of Live Festival

October // November // December
In October I went back to Cambridge to take part in the Festival of Ideas and to do a workshop and performance for Allographic: Other Voices. Then in November, I did some poems at Word Drop at the Hop Hideout in Sheffield, and helped with some stewarding at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. Finally, in December, we had our first Crosswords gig in the caves under Nottingham, and I performed at Heard of Mouth in Leicester, and Speech Therapy and the Nottingham Poetry Festival.

Cave Poetry

Damn! That's a lot of stuff to get through. Congratulations if you managed to read that massive post! You win ten Cool Points (not redeemable in any shops).

Seriously though, it's been a fantastic year and I hope you've all had a good one too! Next stop, 2016!

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