Tuesday, 10 November 2015

TUESDAY NIGHT NEWS - A Bit of a Round Up

Once again, I've left it far too long to post about a lot of things that happened last month, so here's the abridged version of events:

Word Drop at the Hope Hideout: On Sunday 18th October, I went to the Hop Hideout in Sheffield to perform as part of the DIY Poets for the first time. It was excellent. We had poets from Nottingham, poets from Sheffield and even a poet from London all crammed into the lovely craft beer shop, belting out poems. It was glorious! (And we even inspired Jules, the owner of the shop, to write her own poem, which was utterly fab!)

Poetry is Dead Good: Another fantastic night out at Poetry is Dead Good on Tuesday 20th October, with over seventy people crammed into Rough Trade for some superlative poetry from Lydia Williams, Robbert van Dongen, Patricia Gregory and Andrew Lee! 

Cambridge Poetry Tours: Had a poetic mini-break in Cambridge at the end of October, and spent Saturday 24th dong poems as part of the first ever Cambridge Poetry Tours at the Festival of Ideas! You can read loads more about that here.

Michael Brown on the Cambridge Poetry Tour

Allographic Workshop and Performance: After a day of poetry tours on the Saturday, I spent Sunday at the CB1 cafe with Allographic: Other Voices. In the afternoon, I led a workshop on Constrained Writing, and fourteen people came along! That's the most I've ever had at a (non-school) workshop. Plus, everyone who took part was bloody brilliant! Then, in the evening I did a featured set as part of the Allographic Open Mic, and I was so impressed by the high standard of writing and performance from all the poets on stage. It made me feel a bit homesick! Damn you Cambridge!

Young People's Poetry Workshop: On Wednesday 4th November, I pootled down the A1 to Sawtry Library for my final creative writing workshop. It was really good fun, and the girls who came along were all so creative and talented. They really were a pleasure to teach! I really hope we get invited back again next year!

Stewarding at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival: The Aldeburgh Poetry Festival is probably my favourite poetry festival OF ALL TIME! And it's even better when you get to go along for free! I had an awesome time stewarding the Pond Gallery at Snape Maltings with Lucy and Graeme, seeing some truly epic performances throughout the three days of festivities! Hollie McNish was excellent, as always, and Jack Rooke's debut show Good Grief is a must-see too. Performances from Miriam Nash, Kei Miller, Helen Mort, Rebecca Watts, and Kim Addonizio were flawless, and I really enjoyed an extended set from DIY Punk Poet supreme, Attila the Stockbroker. In fact, it was so good that I've already volunteered for next year!

Waiting for the show to begin (Aldeburgh)

So, now you're pretty much up to date. I've got a couple of exciting projects coming up in the next couple of months, and some good gigs too! But I'll tell you about those in another post... (I'm such a tease!)

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