Friday, 13 November 2015

POEM - Night Climbing

Take my hand
And we’ll rise above all this.
Because you need a fresh perspective
And somewhere near here, there’s a hole in the fence
With both our names on it.

If you need me to, I will lace my fingers together
To build your first step up.
So come on! Feel the footholds worn into the walls and
Grip the crumbling brickwork with both hands.

Kiss every grotesque as you climb but don’t look down –
Instead, heave your body skyward, and watch the stars come out.

Soon we’ll be standing on the shoulders of King’s,
The wind at our Backs as the city tumbles away from us.
An anarchy of rooftops
Waiting to be conquered.

Spires stooped against shopping centres and office blocks.
Each building burst from the ground like a mushroom,
Luminous with ambition, forcing its way into being.

You see, this town grew up from the dirt –
Its foundations unstable.
And everyone said that it wouldn’t last.
But look at us now.

We are an unholy Trinity.
But we’re not in it for the glory.

We just needed a new perspective.

And we’re not looking for anything special,
Shaming St Catherine with second chances
As our lungs fill with chimney smoke.

We’re just luminous with ambition, forcing our way into being.

And while we may not have the Caius to this city
We know how to scale the walls.

So let’s climb every college, leap across the parapets
And claim this fungus town for anyone who has ever
Been excluded.

Because Cambridge is ours tonight
And we can do anything.

"CambridgeTownCentre" by Andrew Dunn

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