Thursday, 29 October 2015

POEM - Pop Sonnet #4

Pop Sonnets is still one of my favourite blogs on tumblr, and whenever I get writer's block, I have a go at writing one of my own pop sonnets to try an get my creativity back.

I should explain: in order to create a pop sonnet, you need to take the lyrics to a famous pop song and transform them into a sonnet, written in Shakespearian-style language.

I've written a couple of these now, and this time round I decided to write about No Scrubs by TLC. Because Why not? And, having loved this song *so much* when it first came out, I was massively surprised to realise how materialistic and codependent the lyrics are! This counted as 'Girl Power' in the nineties? Yikes!

No Scrubs

I will not give my love to reprobates;
Those gentlemen without the means to pay.
So, if you own no carriage or estate,
Then I will grant you leave to go away.

My digits will remain a mystery –
And neither will I bid you give me yours.
I have to say, you're just not right for me.
In fact, your very being I deplore!

I will not give my love to ne'er-do-wells;
Those gentleman who shout from passing cabs.
I know that you suspect that we would gel
(But I suspect that you might give me crabs).

To scallywags and scamps I gift no love;
I cannot build my life upon a Scrub.

'Coz I'm looking like class and he's looking like trash...'

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