Wednesday, 6 May 2015

POEM - The Colour Wheel

So, I promised that I'd publish a few of my #NaPoWriMo poems on this blog. 

I wrote 'In Defense of Pink' on Day 4 of #NaPoWriMo and then I had to write a follow-up poem, 'A Retraction', on day 11, to clarify my views on the colour purple. I hope you like them both!

In Defense of Pink
When I ask you what you think
About the humble colour pink,
I see your shoulders sink
As you consider what to say.

And then you whisper darkly,
“We’re a little old for Barbie.”
And that’s true, but only partly,
Coz Mattel don’t own the shade.*

And while undercooked magenta
Might resemble cold placenta,
There’s no need to lament a
Splash of coral or cerise.

So don’t look down your nose
At the pinker shades of mauve
And understand that rose
 Is not the villain of the piece.

It’s the music – when it comes –
And it’s the colour of your lungs,
It’s your mouth and throat and tongue,
Painted bright like cherry drops.

And it isn’t just for lipstick –
 Coz Flamingos are terrific,
And it’s not some girly gimmick.
If you think that, you should stop!

See, it’s all refracted light
But it doesn’t seem quite right
That pink’s maligned, despite
Being cursed by circumstance.

Coz it’s only since the forties
That we’ve had these categories.
Let’s change these dated stories
And give pink another chance!

It’s the colour of smoked salmon,
And of ham and jam and gammon.
The evidence is damning:
Pink is still a winning cause!

And, if I’m not mistaken,
Without pink, we’d have no bacon!
If that thought leaves you shaken,
Then I’ll give you room to pause.

Pink's a strong and noble hue,
Plus it’s just as good as blue!
And there's something we can do
To advance its luckless fate:

So remind us Pink is tough,
And it's not just girly fluff.
Plus it rhymes with other stuff –
Not like purple.

Stupid Purple.

A retraction
I was wrong – I see that now –
My errors typed and verbal.
See, if you write in slanted rhyme,
There’s nothing wrong with purple.                            
I slagged it off, without due cause;
I’m dumber than a gerbil!
Coz if you think outside the box
There’s loads that rhymes with purple!
I’m sorry for my wrongful slight;
In truth, I’m prone to burble.
But now I’ve been enlightened,
I will gladly wear more purple.
Donatello was the best
Of all the Ninja Turtles,
And that’s what tips the scales for me
To favour greater purple.
So, at last, I’m finally free,
Unfastened like a girdle.
I know that loving pink is fab,
And so is loving purple. 

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