Wednesday, 13 May 2015

POEM - Appendix

This poem was written on day 6 of the #NaPoWriMo, and was inspired by my friend Laura, who had her appendix removed last year.

I like the ones in articles and, inside books, they're fine
But the one that burst inside of me was a total waste of time.

See, my appendix wasn't filled with useful information;
Mine was like a ticking bomb of pus and inflammation.

Things were going fine until my guts pushed “self destruct”.
(And when your stomach wants you dead that's when you know you're fucked.)

My appendix must have found diplomacy outmoded –
It didn't tell me what was wrong: instead, it just exploded.

I would have listened to complaints; I would have compromised.
I'd eat more fruit and vegetables. (At least, I would have tried!)

My scar looks cool, and now my guts continue unimpeded,
Appendix gone – despite the fuss, I didn't really need it.


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