Sunday, 25 January 2015

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS - Radios, Podcasts and Other Animals

I think I'm going to have to ban myself from starting blog posts by saying "It's been another busy week..." It's becoming a bit of a blog cliché. That being said, it has been another busy week this week!

First up, my pamphlet. I'm really pleased (and surprised) to have sold nearly forty copies so far! Woop woop! You can buy a copy at Toppings Book shop in Ely, and I'll be touting the pamphlets around at gigs and festivals for the rest of year, so if you would like to get your hands on one, just let me know.

Plus, the lovely people at Stewed Rhubarb Press have also put a little bit about me and the pamphlet on their website, which makes the whole thing seem very real and fancy! 

I've also been on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire again this week - chatting to presenter Sue Dougan, and fellow guest Sue Keogh, about this year's Fenland Poet Laureate Competition. (There's still time to enter - please check out the Atelier East website for all the details.) 

Sue Dougan also asks her guests to chat about a story in the news, so we had a conversation about gender differences, after a study from UCL seemed to suggest that women were more likely to believe in God and the afterlife, while men were more likely to hold atheist beliefs. 

It's always hard to avoid generalisations when talking about topics like this and I always get a little tongue tied on the radio, coming away with a real esprit de l'escalier but hopefully we managed to have a good discussion, without stepping on anyone's toes. 

You can listen for yourself here.

Then, on Wednesday night we trundled up to the Wisbech and Fenland Museum, for another Fen Speak open mic night. And what a night it was! We had nineteen performers and over thirty people in our audience, which is the largest crowd we've ever had for a Wisbech show! Our events at the Museum have always been smaller than those we hold in Ely, but Wisbech is beginning to give the cathedral city a run for its money! 

We had a fantastic mix of poems and stories, with a good number of new faces, as well as our lovely regular Fen Speakers too. The next event is on Wednesday 18th February, at the Babylon Gallery in Ely, so do come along if you can!

Then yesterday, I made my living room into a radio studio, as David Turner and Lizzy Palmer from Lunar Poetry Magazine came over to interview Poppy Kleiser, Elaine Ewart and me for their next Lunar Poetry Podcast! 

Tea, biscuits, and a microphone

David was interested in talking to us all, as past and present Fenland Poet Laureates, about the poetry scene in the area, our involvement in Fen Speak, and how the landscape and history of the Fens has shaped our writing. 

Elaine and Poppy were articulate and precise, both giving insightful answers to questions, while David was a great host, sometimes agreeing with us, and at other times challenging us to defend our views.

The podcast is being edited as we speak and will be available on the Lunar Poetry Soundcloud page from Tuesday 10th February.

To finish up, here is a picture of my earnestly answering an interview question:

That's my serious face

Photographs of the Lunar Poetry Podcast 
recording courtesy of Lizzy Palmer.

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