Friday, 8 August 2014

POEM - The long and short of it

A poem for Naino

The Long and Short of it
I'm five foot three
And that's fine by me.
I'm a short-arse, with all that implies.

Why wish to be tall?
It won't help. After all
I'm not tiny, I'm just travel-sized.

Sure, I'm slightly compressed
But I'm never depressed;
Being little is no plague or plight.

I won't have a tantrum
About being bantam
Because I love being this height!

I'm knee-high to flea
I wear kids clothes (tax-free)
And borrow stilettos from Barbie.

And, though I'm reduced,
I can still hold my juice!
I'm the last one to leave every party.

I'm a squirt and a smidge,
I'm a person abridged
But I've long since stopped wanting to grow.

I take up less space
And I do it with grace.
When it rains I'm the last one to know.

You may think it unwise
To be minimum size
And have self-esteem so inflated

But, in my defence,
I'm just highly condensed,
So my ego is more concentrated.

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