Sunday, 4 May 2014


Phew! April is over, and that means that my first NaPoWriMo Challenge is over too!

At the beginning of the challenge, thirty days felt like a really long time, but the month has flown by and I've managed to write thirty poems! That's more than I wrote in the whole of 2013!

And I know that most of it wasn't my best work, but there are a few poems in there that could - with a bit of work - be good pieces. And that is what May is for!

Anyway, you can see my final three poems by clicking the links below. The last poem, Anything Could Happen, was a collaborative piece, written by all seven of the Cambridgeshire NaPoWriMo poets. We each took one stanza, and I think the finished piece is really awesome!

See if you can work out which stanza is mine!

Day 28 - Spoilers
Day 29 - Head First
Day 30 - Anything Could Happen

Huge thanks to Daisy T-G, Russell J Turner, Elaine Ewart, Emma Ormond, Fay Roberts, and Nikki Marrone for helping me through my first NaPoWriMo! Same time next year, guys?


Last Sunday night, I popped down to Cambridge for a special Fenland Poet Laureate addition of Allographic: Other Voices. Elaine Ewart and I were both featured poets, and it was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed hearing some of Elaine's NaPoWriMo poems, and there were some fantastic poets on the open mic too! 

I'm also really pleased that the Allographic Edinburgh Fringe Show, Other Voices: Spoken Word Cabaret, has been shortlisted for Best Spoken Word show of 2013 at the Saboteur Awards! The Saboteur Awards are a REALLY BIG DEAL on the performance poetry scene, so it's fantastic that Allographic have been recognised in this way! Fay Roberts, who runs Allographic and orchestrated their show in Edinburgh, is a fantastic poet and a tireless promoter of local performers, so it's really wonderful to see her hard work being rewarded!

You can vote for your favourites from the Saboteur Awards here. The winners will be announced on 31st May. (Vote for Allographic!)

Also this week, my piece of writing, responding to the theatre show Domestic Labour: A Study in Love, was published on the Cambridge Junction Theatre Writing Community blog. I really enjoyed the show - it was beautifully staged and the main theme really made me examine my preconceptions and prejudices - but I actually found it really hard to write my response. In fact, I've just spent a bit of time reading the work written by other participants, and it seems I may have completely misinterpreted the show.

Confirming my long-held suspicions that my brain works on a completely different wavelength to everyone else!

Ah well, maybe I'll have better luck when we go back for the final workshop in a few week's time. We'll be watching and responding to Igor and Moreno: Idiot-Syncrasy, which is a bit of contempory dance. The trailer looks pretty interesting, so it should be a good evening!

I also found out recently that my short story, Frank Smith and the Embarrassing Mix-Up, is going to be published by Mardibooks, in their latest collection for YA Readers. So that's all very exciting!

I'm actually really surprised that the story was chosen, because it is a very, very silly Harry Potter parody, and very much geared to my own *unique* sense of humour! Still, I'm absolutely delighted that the team at Mardibooks chose it - along with twenty excellent short stories by other writers - for the anthology. I'll keep you posted on publishing dates!

A Shakespearian aside: I realise that I have titled this blog post 'A Quieter Week' and then rambled on about loads and loads of stuff! Colour me ironic, I guess. Anyway, we're nearly at the end of this one, I promise!

This weekend I've been working on a super-secret proposal for a project coming up in the summer. It's really exciting stuff, and I hope I can share it with you soon, but for now, I'm afraid it's all a bit hush-hush.

By way of apology for teasing you with Exciting Mystery Projects, here is a photograph of my wonderful cat face shoes. I think you'll agree that they are, by far, the world's best shoes. They even meow when I walk! (This is a lie.)

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  1. So when will we poetry sleuths unravel your *exciting* mystery, Leanne? Loving the shoes meanwhile ...