Sunday, 27 April 2014

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS - School workshops, Essex gigs and Meeting the Mayor

Hello poetry fans! I hope you're all well and happy? I am exhausted today! It's been such a busy week here at poetry towers - one of those weeks where I feel like I've barely had time to sit down. Still, it's all been good fun, so I can't complain!

I can, however, apologise for this enormous blog post. I hope you've packed your blog-waders? Ok, good. Let's dive in!

On Thursday, I toddled up to the Kimbolton School to give a poetry workshop to Y13 creative writing students. They were a really bright bunch of girls, and I really enjoyed hanging out with them!

We did a bit work on simile and metaphor, and then had a go at the dreaded univocalism! Basically, I asked them to write a few lines of poetry without using the letters a, i, o and u, and they really rose to the challenge! One of the girls even penned a ditty about dysentery, which was both incredibly clever and a little bit gross.

I was very proud!

Then, I spent Thursday evening at the Junction in Cambridge, working as part of their newly established theatre writing community. Led by Daniel Pitt - the arts producer at the Junction - this series of workshops aims to support would-be theatre writers by giving them the chance to attend workshops with some of the UK's top theatre critics and writers, while also viewing and responding to a range of contemporary performance art pieces.

On this occasion, our workshop leader was Maddy Costa, who gave us loads of interesting insights into the world of theatre writing. We also watched Domestic Labour: A Study in Love, and we'll all be writing up our responses to the show on the community blog.

Then, on Friday night, Elaine Ewart and I crossed the misty Fens to attend the Mayor at Home event at the Wisbech Social Club. We had been invited along in order to receive our grant from the Wisbech Town Council, who had kindly given us a some money to cover the costs of hosting the Fenland Poet Laureate awards.

It was wonderful to see so many worthy local charities receiving grants funding, and we are incredibly grateful to the Wisbech Town Council for all they have done to facilitate and support the Fenland Poet Laureate Awards this year!

Hanging out with Councillor Samantha Hoy

On Saturday night, I popped down to Essex to hang out with Steve and Tina Lawton and perform at their monthly house concert at the Boiler Room in Colchester.

This is exactly how gigs should be: a large living room filled with fairy lights and flooded with floor cushions, good music, good company and a real sense of community. With just over twenty people in attendance, there was a lovely intimate feel to this show.

We had music from fantastic singer/songwriter Harry Hunt, and from the wonderfully talented trio, the Martin Hartley Band. I did a bit of poetry too, and as usual, I managed to shock everyone into silence with a few well-chosen poems! Par for the course, really...

It was a really fun evening, and a great chance to get out and meet some fantastic new people. House concerts are definitely the way of the future!

Finally, this week was the last full week of NaPoWriMo challenge. I'm really sad to think that there are only three more days to go! That being said, I am feeling a touch of Poetry Fatigue, so perhaps it's all for the best in the long run!

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