Sunday, 13 April 2014


The NaPoWriMo challenge is now in full swing, and it's been really cool to read all the fantastic poetry that other participants have been uploading and sharing. Plus, I'm still up to date, having written thirteen poems since the 1st April! 
I feel so productive!
And, while not all of them are masterpieces (by any stretch of the imagination) a couple have surprised me, and there are definitely one or two poems that will migrate onto my regular set list. 

As with anything, practise makes perfect, and it's really great to have an excuse to do so much writing! I've even written a few 'bonus poems' for guest spots on other websites! 
Anyway, you can check out what I've written this week using the links below. Let me know what you think!
Day 8 - Bilingual
Day 10 - In Her Handbag
Day 11 - Callous Infinity
Day 12 - The End
Day 13 - Anxiety


Writing so regularly has really helped me with my workshop planning this month too! So much so that I've decided to challenge my next lot (Y13s at Kimbolton School) to write a univocalism - just like the one I wrote on day twelve. It'll definitely be tricky, but I think they're up to the challenge!

The workshop isn't until after Easter, but I've already got a lot of ideas about what to do. It's all very exciting!

Finally, I thought I ought to let you know that we'll be back at the Babylon Gallery in Ely this week, for another fantastic Fen Speak Open Mic Night!

We'll have poetry from the New Fenland Poet Laureate - Poppy Kleiser - as well as performances by many of the finalists from last month's Fenland Poet Laureate Awards. There are still plenty of open mic spots available so why not come along and have a go?

We'll be at the Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely on Wednesday 16th April. The event is free, and refreshments are provided - in case you need a little bit of Dutch courage to help you to the microphone!

The doors open at 7:30pm, and the show begins at 8pm. Hope to see you there!

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