Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Urgent Business

Urgency has bought you here
And every nerve is flush with fear

A visit you had long postponed
See, some things must be done alone

The tea you drank, you now despise
(You wouldn’t be here otherwise)

So hold your breath and pick your stall
Be careful not to touch the walls

You lock the door and seal your fate
And, turning round, you hesitate

The lid is down, the bowl obscured
You’re feeling dizzy, vision blurred

Do you dare investigate?
You could still leave – it’s not too late

But urgency has brought you here
So out you reach, still flush with fear

This might be good, you theorise
There might clouds of butterflies

There may be caverns unexplored
Or mislaid gems with huge rewards

There could be gold or antique broaches
Or hissing spitting king cockroaches

Stay positive! You almost cry
This toilet's filled with clipped bonsai

Or candy floss or pick-and-mix
(You wish you’d never started this)

It’s storage for the FBI
So maybe you had best not pry

Or it’s the door to far off lands
Like Narnia (but a bit less grand)

With mind made up you lift the lid
Expecting pixies or giant squid

This time though, to your surprise
There’s no doorway or golden prize

Just a loo and nothing more
You go then flush then close the door

If only you’d tried one more stall
The one against the far left wall

What’s in there? We’ll never know
But always look before you go

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