Sunday, 26 January 2014

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS - Monkey Kettle and Soundcloud

This week has been rather quiet on the poetry front. This is mostly due to my being out of action with some sort of horrible mid-January lurgy. Not cool. I even had to cancel a couple of poetry events, so that was a bit of a bummer.

Luckily some nice things came in this week - by post and via email - to help cheer me up!

Firstly, I received my copy of the latest collection of short stories from the chaps at Monkey Kettle. Do Monkeys Dream of Electric Kettles? is a compilation of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories, and the second publication of its kind produced by the Milton Keynes-based arts collective.

See, the folks at Monkey Kettle are a talented lot. In the past they've produced arts exhibitions, staged theatre productions, and put together great music events, as well as publishing a biannual poetry and prose magazine for Bedfordshire and beyond! In 2013, they branched out into publishing anthologies, and after a very successful Horror collection, the team moved their focus onto Sci-Fi!

This new collection features short stories from around the globe, with contributions from the likes of Cyrus Newcomb, Kit Power, Duncan Belk, David Mac, Phil Sky, Persephone Delta, Chris Townsend and Paul Eccentric.

I'm really grateful to the Monkey Kettle team for including my short story, Colony, in the collection!

So, if you're into dystopian futures, temporal vortexes, and little green men, you should definitely get hold of this book! You can buy it in paperback, or download it for your e-reader, here.

Matt Widgery Photography
Also this week, I received some fantastic audio and visual stuff from the Shindig and Allographic show, which happened on 18th January. Here's a lovely review from Nikki Marrone, and another from Patrick Widdess, both of whom performed wonderfully on the night.

There's also some great photos of the show, courtesy of local photographers Katy Figg and Matt Widgery. They've both captured the mood of the night perfectly, and you should definitely check out their respective pages for more of their fantastic work!

If you missed the show last week, you can now listen to the whole thing at Only Shallow Records. Thanks again to Wes Freeman-Smith, Fay Roberts, and Matt Cooke for all their audio wizardry!

I've also put some of my set up on my Soundcloud page, so do check it out if you've got a minute. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Sensibly Insane Photography

Oh! Just before I go, I must tell you that next Friday (31st January) is the deadline for entries for the Fenland Poet Laureate competition 2014. So if you're a budding poet, living, working or studying in the Fens, and you're looking for a fun new challenge, you've only got five days left to get you poem in to us! Check out the ADeC website for further details.

I can't wait to read the submissions in February! 

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