Saturday, 25 January 2014


Penguins are brilliant.
They're tough and resilient.
Their feet are reptilian
Like scaly flip flops.

They walk really silly an'
Eat fish by the million.
But if you think they're innocent,
That thinking should stop.

They may look vaudevillian
To the casual civilian
But they're blood-thirsty villains!
It should come as no shock.

Their outlook is militant
Their gnashers magnificent -
They're keeping that hidden
From the Zoo Keeper lot.

With hearts of obsidian
They're practically giddy, an'
We're skirting oblivion
In flippers, we're caught.

Monochrome and vermilion;
They just want to kill again!
So stay very still-ian.
I'll find a padlock.

If you want my opinion,
They're murderous pigeons;
Hell's feathery minions.
There! hand me my Glock!

But penguins are brilliant,
They're tough and resilient.
And they've forged my will again!
They need to be stopped!
Pure Evil

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