Monday, 23 December 2013

Deadly Sin #4

Based on a true story (sort of)

Deadly Sin #4

So we're off to our local Chinese
For noodles and rice, if you please.
Come be a glutton,
Undo your top button
And give your insides a good squeeze!

There's nothing so tasty and sweet!
If you join us, you're in for a treat!
Veggie chop suey
And chow mein so gooey
All laced with mysterious meat.

But what's that, all squidgy and small,
Peaking round from the spicy prawn balls?
Please don't freak out,
But that's no bean sprout!
This is not good! It's not good at all!

Shaken, we order more drinks,
Coz it can't be as bad as we think.
But we all had an eyeful
Of this plate filled with eyeballs,
And I can't eat my food if it blinks.

Now we're paying the bill in a hurry,
And our guts are all knotted with worry.
See, you'd sicken too
If your food stared at you!
Maybe next time, we'll order curry.

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