Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Better Things 2 - another NYE poem

It's important to have realistic expectations when planning your New Year's resolutions. This poem is a continuation of last year's NYE offering, which you can find here. I hope you like it, and I hope you have a safe and merry New Year's Eve!

Better Things 2

This year
I will travel the globe
I will go to Europe
I will explore the British Isles
I will finally find out what's in our shed

This year
I will be kinder to everyone
I will help out in my neighbourhood
I will do one good deed a day
I will stop biting the postman

This year
I will volunteer for charity
I will give my time to others
I will try to be less self-involved
I will stop referring to myself in the third person

This year
Leanne will be more healthy
She will eat fresh vegetables
She will have at least one piece of fruit per day
She will see a doctor about the Scurvy

This year
I will learn to speak better French
I will learn to speak better English
I will stop using Klingon at parties
tlhIngan DanoHmeH cha' jImon

This year
I will make new friends
I will try to be more approachable
I will smile more
I will stop talking about FBI conspiracies at parties

This year
I will articulate my feelings
I will wear my heart on my sleeve
I won't hide behind stupid poems
I will tell you that I love you


  1. This made me smile, thanks and have a great new year.

    1. Thanks Martin! Hope you have a peaceful, prosperous and poetic 2014!