Sunday, 29 September 2013

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS - Soundcloud and Wisbech Words

Hello there!

This week, I've finally caught up with the Twenty First Century and put together a page on Soundcloud!

I've uploaded a few poems from past performances - and although the sound quality isn't particularly great on all of them - I'm pretty pleased with the way they've turned out.

(Although I am a bit dismayed that my voice sounds quite that high and squeaky in real life. You see, in my head I sound exactly like the chick from Casablanca - all deep and sultry and easy with the wise-cracks.)

Anyway, if you want to check out the stuff that's up on the website so far, you can find my profile here.

Next week, I'll be at the Wisbech Library on Thursday, giving a poetry workshop to celebrate National Poetry Day. This year's theme is 'water' and I've got some great writing exercises to help get your creative juices flowing! If you're in the area, and you're free from 2pm - 3pm, we'd really love to see you there!

Then on Saturday I'll be performing at the Waterlees Literary Festival, also in Wisbech. The festival boasts performances from local storyteller Marion Leeper, children's illustrator and author Jenni Desmond, and the Book Start Bear! This is the first time I've done a show aimed squarely at kids under eleven, and I really don't know how it's going to turn out! Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

The Waterlees Literary Festival runs from 10am until 2pm on Saturday 5th October at Orchard's Primary School, Cherry Road, Wisbech. 

I promise not to do my pubic hair poem!


  1. Good stuff! ^_^

    I had to hit that 'follow' button ...I wonder how many 'followers' constitutes a 'cult' status? :D

    Upload more poetry when you get time, theres not enough spoken word on soundcloud imo.

    1. Thanks Leon! I've got a few more poems recorded, but my microphone is a very lo-fi so I'm not sure if that makes the sounds seem unprofessional. I think I'm going to need to save up for better equipment! Thanks for commenting :)