Sunday, 15 September 2013

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS – Competitive Poetry, New Open Mic and Travelling the World

My goodness! This week has been ridiculous!

On Wednesday night I had the privilege of performing alongside five fantastic poets at the Regional Hammer and Tongue Poetry Slam final in Cambridge. I have never seen a poetry gig so well attended, and it was amazing to see so many people supporting local poetry and spoken word!

Hooray for poetry!

Performing to such a packed venue was incredibly nerve-racking, and I felt my voice trembling on more than one occasion. But it was completely worth it for the chance to watch performances from some of the best emerging spoken word talent in the East of England. From Riaz Moola’s fantastic narrative poems, Antosh Wojcik’s beautiful imagery, and Justina Kehinde’s incredible political poems, to Tess Gardener’s intense, arresting words, and Aryn Clark’s passionate lyrical tirades, it really was a fantastic night!

The final scores were incredibly close, with only two points between the top four performers. I was hoping to make third place, so it was a real shock to come first!

The whole evening was filled with inspiration, entertaining performances, and it really was one of the best poetry nights I’ve been to in a long while! Hammer and Tongue starts up again in October; check out their facebook page for more information. (You'll be very glad you did!)

This week I’ve also been busy organising our brand new spoken word open mic nights in Ely and Wisbech! Fen Speak will be running on the third Wednesday of each month, starting on Wednesday 16th October at 7:30pm at the Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely.

We’ll be alternating between venues in Ely and Wisbech, and encouraging local poets and writers to come along and share their poetry every month!

I’m hosting the events with Fenland Poet Laureate Emeritus Elaine Ewart, along with a huge dollop of support from local arts organisation ADeC.

So if you’re a Fenland poet, and you’d like to receive regular news and updates about Fen Speak, why not join our facebook group? We also have a lovely logo, designed by incredibly talented local artist Lizzy Doe.

Isn’t that fab?

Next week: OK, maybe I’m not travelling the world in the most international sense (as the title of this post might imply) but I am travelling all the way up North on Thursday to tell some poems at the Away with Words event in Hull.

We’ll be taking over the upstairs room at Union Mash Up, Prince’s Avenue, Hull HU5 3QA on Thursday 19th September. Doors open at 7:45pm, so if you’re in the area, we’ll see you there!

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