Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bargain Hunt

This poem was written for submission to the I Love Bedford Poetry Trail Competition. The brief was to write a poem for display in one of the shop windows around Bedford Town Centre. I chose to write about the humble charity shop.

Bargain Hunt
Come have yourselves a spending spree
And buy ten shirts for 50p!
We’ve wooden tables, stacked in threes
A box that’s filled with orphaned keys
Board games based on bumble bees
And sturdy boots, for climbing trees.
Exotic plastic jewellery,
Quite stunning in its vibrancy;
This stuffed raccoon (We’ve named him Ste)
He's fumigated and flea-free!
We’ll offer you a cup of tea
While you peruse our treasury.
A bric-a-brac menagerie
With goods from every century!
For vintage watches, you’ll agree
To spend your hard-earned currency.
This watercolour of the sea,
Perhaps an early Da Vinci?
Our books are Buy One Get One Free
(The Mills & Boon are quite risqué!)
And best of all, as you can see,
All proceeds go to charity!

This is Ste

 Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

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