Sunday, 7 July 2013

SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS - Writing and Editing

It's been another busy week on the poetry front!

The press release I wrote for the Elm Friendship Club visit was published in the local newspaper, and it's already led to a second booking! On the strength of the small (but perfectly formed) article, the Gorefield Ladies Group have asked me to give a talk at one of their speaker events in January 2014.

At this rate, I'll be lecturing at international conferences in no time!

My Rose Fair poem, Carnival Cargo, also appeared in the Fenland Citizen this week, to celebrate fifty years of the festival in the Fenland capital. I'm really gutted that I wasn't able to go along to watch the parade this year, but I'm so grateful to the Rose Fair committee for allowing me to be part of the celebrations!

The Mayor of Wisbech, Samantha Hoy, on her Rose Fair Float
In other news, the Word Circus event in Ipswich was cancelled, so I wasn't able to perform with the likes of Hannah Jane Walker, Lewis Buxton, Theo Best and Rowan James. But I'm a pragmatic old soul, and I used the time to continue my editing work for my friend and fellow writer John Clay.

At the moment, I'm helping to edit John's Spiderfingers series. Heavily influenced by graphic novels and comic book narrative, the story follows Stephanie Tent, her brief meeting with the self-styled god of chaos, and all that comes after. It's set in modern day London, and if you like your writing weird, with plenty of supernatural bite, then Spiderfingers is definitely worth a read!

Domestic Cherry 3
This week I also received my copy of Domestic Cherry 3, a fantastic book of poetry and artwork, released in association with the Swindon Festival of Literature. I have two poems in the collection, The Loneliest Gimp and Shaving Grace, and I'm really pleased to have been published alongside such an accomplished group of writers and artists.

If you'd like a copy of the anthology, you can buy it here.

This week I'll mostly be writing. I'm hoping to start work on a poetry commission for the Chatteris Museum, and I'll also be drafting my poem for The Rialto poetry competition. Fingers crossed!

I might also be making more of these peanut butter and chocolate squares. We made some on Friday for a charity do, and they're pretty delicious. (Even if I do say so myself!)

Soooo good!

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