Friday, 22 February 2013

Work in Progress

This poem is for everyone who still indulges their inner child - no matter what your age.

Work in Progress

I don't want to be a grown up. I mean,
I can barely tie my own shoes, and I'm supposed
to chose a mortgage? A pension? Have some
level of comprehension when it comes to
savings accounts? Cook food in sensible amounts?
Look for discounts in shops and swap Top of the Pops
for Gardeners' Question Time? Well, I guess it's time.
I mean, I'm twenty six, and by now you might have thought
I could manage this. I should know how to fit a spare tyre,
and I should have buried my desire for crisp sandwiches.
I should stop speaking made up languages, and making
magical gestures in front of automatic doors – pretending
that I'm using The Force. I should learn to fix a computer,
talk about the future – without referring to robots!
I should buy those little Tupperware pots. Cultivate a
vegetable plot and cry without showering everyone in snot.
I should leave parties early with no risk of sounding boring, 
you see,I've got to get some rest coz I've work in the morning.
I should swap cleaning tips with friends, get grips for my shoes
and pretend to understand home furnishing trends. I'm twenty six,
I should be able to fix a fuse that's blown and not confuse
home-grown cabbage for the store bought kind. That's a faux pas.
I shouldn't be the last to leave the bar & I should have achieved far
more than I have done. But this life is a tough one and
my mistakes have been fun ones. And isn't that what they say,
that you're only this young once? Responsibility's fine,
but let me define my own way to grow and my own way shine.
It might take some time, but I know that I'll find it,
my place in the world and my own sense of purpose. I may be
an adult, but I'm not yet full grown, and I'm making my way
in this life on my own. So don't begrudge me the good times and
I'll try my best, not to trudge through the days because with each
dawn I'm blessed. I might not have it together yet, but that's
how it needs to be. I'm not quite an adult, but I'm happy being me.

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