Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NEWS - Sonnets & Summer Festivals

Tomorrow is 28th February, which means that it's the last day of 28 Sonnets Later Project for 2013. It's been a real blast working with Andy Bennett, Adam Warne, and Russell J Turner to put together a collection of linking sonnets, and I know that when March rolls round, there'll definitely be a sonnet-shaped hole in my life!

It's been amazing to see how much my sonnet writing has improved from the standard of last year's project - I'm actually quite proud of what I've written this year! Especially considering the restrictions imposed on us by the Sonnet Corona format, which meant that the first line of each sonnet was chosen for us by the previous poet.

The project has produced some incredibly beautiful, interesting and surprising poetry; here are some of my favourites:
Day #7 - God and Summer by Adam Warne
Day #12 - I want you. I need you by Russell J Turner
Day #13 - @pontifex by Andy Bennett
You can check out all the poems on the 28 Sonnets Later blog.

It's also worth noting that Andy Bennett seems to have some sort of magical poetry powers! First, he wrote a sonnet about the Pope and a day later, the Pope resigned. Then he wrote a poem about Cardinal O'Brian and a day later, the Cardinal resigned too!

Andy has strenuously denied that he has influence over political decisions of high-powered members of the Catholic clergy, through his poetry.

But we remain suspicious.

And with February drawing to a close, we skip merrily into spring, leaving all thoughts of sonnet writing far behind us. Luckily, there's plenty going in the next few months to keep me occupied.

On Friday 1st March, I'll be reading at the Fenland Poet Laureate Awards in Wisbech, as one of the ten finalists vying for the title of Poet Laureate of the Fens. I'm not expecting to win, but it's really lovely to be involved all the same! Plus I'm secretly hoping that either Emma Ormond or Poppy Kleiser take home the trophy. Both ladies are terrific poets and thoroughly deserve the title!

Then, on Wednesday 13th March, I'll be doing a support slot at the next Norwich Slam at the Birdcage on Pottergate. I'm disgustingly excited about this one, mostly because John Osborne will be headlining, and I have loved his poetry for a long time. Hopefully, I might get a chance to chat to him - just as long as I don't get too nervous and embarrass myself! (It'll be like when I met Scroobius Pip all over again!)

You can check out John's work on his blog here.

And now that summer is within sight, I've started bothering festival promoters in a bid to get some work in tents and fields over the warmer months. So far I'm performing at the Hythe Festival in Colchester in May and Strawberry Fair in Cambridge in June, and I'm hoping to get up to Edinburgh to have a go at the Fringe in August too. I've also applied to perform in the spoken word tent at Glastonbury 2013!

I know!

I'll find out whether or not I've been accepted in April, so fingers crossed!

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