Sunday, 10 February 2013

NEWS - Fenland Poet Laureate, Tel Aviv and Hunty Snark

The 28 Sonnets Later project is now in full swing and you can check out all the sonnets we've written so far on the website. It's been a really interesting experience and the Sonnet Corona format has been much less restrictive that I imagined. In fact, the constraints have actually enabled me to develop my writing, and the sonnets I have written so far have been completely different from my usual style. I really feel like this project is broadening my writing skills, which can only be a good thing!

The short list for this year's Fenland Poet Laureate competition was announced last week, and I was really please to find myself among the ten finalists. The Fenland Poet Laureate is responsible for promoting poetry throughout the Fens and is able to get involved with a number of great creative projects in the region. It's right up my street, and my head has been buzzing with ideas for local public engagement projects ever since I found out about the short list. It would be so wonderful to have the opportunity to run workshops and organise events throughout Fenland! The awards night will be held at the Wisbech and Fenland Museum on Friday 1st March, so fingers crossed!

I'm also really excited to be helping out on the Feral University stall at the DIY Cultures Zine Fair and Exhibition in Shoreditch on Sunday 7th April. We'll have some really cool handmade merch and some excellent zines compiled and overseen by the lovely Gretel of Glorious Fatling. If you want to submit to Gretel's zine, the Hunty Snark, you can do so by following the links on her website. (I'm hoping I can sneak a few copies of my poetry pamphlet onto the stall too!)

Finally, on a slightly more international theme, one of my poems has been chosen to be part of an art exhibition in Israel! I'm really excited about this one, because this is my first ever publication outside of the UK!

The exhibition is called Reading Rooms and is being held at the Alfred Gallery in Tel Aviv from 21st March and 11th April. My poem, The Space Between, will be on show along with poetry, photography and artwork from some really talented international artists. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it out to Tel Aviv to see it all in person, but if you're in Israel this Spring, please do go and check it out!

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