Sunday, 3 February 2013

Neat Freak

Don't come around, convinced I'll change,
All excited and expectant.
I've come off the wagon, in spectacular fashion:
Back on the disinfectant.

You knew my problem had returned –
The air was lemon-scented –
I can't curb my lust to clean and to dust!
Don't sit on that! It's rented!

I've taken out all the furniture,
Because really, enough is enough!
How do you mean for the house to be clean
When you fill it up with so much stuff?

I've scrubbed down all the surfaces
To take the edge off the squalor.
Polished the pine until it all shines
(though some tables are now a bit smaller.)

At least I'm not out doing drugs!
This vacuum's the best on the market!
The house was a tip before I let rip –
Now you can see your face in the carpet!


  1. I wrote a very long comment about how great this was and then I got nervous so I will just say: I love this :) Would you mind if I printed it off and kept it on my fridge?

  2. Aw, thank you Frankie, you're very sweet to say! Print out and keep as much as you want. Poetry is to be shared (as long as the author is fully referenced :)

  3. Seeing your face in the carpet?!?! Damn that IS clean ^_^

    I love this one, Is this poem finished or will you return to it to give it another polish?


  4. Fantastic use of a terrible pun there Leon! I may indeed give it another polish ;)