Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NEWS - 28 Sonnets Later 2: Sonnet Harder

Last year, I was lucky enough to work with three incredibly talented poets - Adam Warne, Andy Bennett and Russell J Turner - on 28 Sonnets Later. This fast-paced poetry project tested us all to our lyrical limits, as we took it in turns to write twenty eight sonnets of the course of twenty eight days in February 2012. 
This February, we thought we'd go one better, and challenge ourselves to write a collective Sonnet Corona. Sounds technical, doesn't it? Well, it is! In a Sonnet Corona, each sonnet written must begin with the last line of the sonnet that preceded it, with the final sonnet also ending with the first line of the first sonnet, forming a circle or crown of sonnets. 
Sounds complicated enough, right? But that's not all!
Because there are four of us, and we'll be taking it in turns to write a sonnet each day, it means that we'll have to write a sonnet based on the last line from the previous poet's work AND we'll have to write our own poem within twenty four hours, so that the poet after us has his first line ready for when it's his turn. 
My first sonnet is due on Saturday 2nd February, and the whole project is going to be a really interesting challenge - I just hope I can rise to the occasion! (And I hope that Andy isn't too harsh with his end rhymes!)
The poems will appear every day on the 28 Sonnets Later and you can also follow our progress by following @28SonnetsLater on twitter. It's going to be a crazy ride!

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