Thursday, 27 December 2012

Better Things - A New Year's Resolution Poem

This year
I will run the length of the country
I will run a marathon
I will run to the shops
I will try to stand up at least once a day

This year 
I will lose a stone
I will lose some weight
I will eat more sensibly
I will stop watching workout DVDs whilst eating takeaways

This year
I will abstain from all alcohol
I will cut down on my alcohol intake
I will only drink at weekends
I will try not to develop another chocolate liqueur addiction

This year
I will give up smoking
I will smoke fewer cigarettes
I will smoke lights
I will understand 'social smoker' is another term for 'scrounger'

This year 
I will learn to play the piano
I will learn to play the harmonica
I will learn to play the kazoo
I will learn that Guitar Hero is not a real instrument

This year
I will work my way out of debt
I will kerb my spending
I will only buy what I need
I will only buy new handbags if they are truly beautiful

This year 
I will progress to a management position
I will be best employee I can be
I will strive for better things
I will stop stealing stationary

*Disclaimer: This is a poem. In real life I do not smoke or steal stationary. I do, however, think Guitar Hero should be added to the standard classical orchestra set up.

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