Saturday, 8 September 2012


The moon was within reach that night.
A glistening orb, a bird in flight.
As big as hell and twice as bright.
A great pearlescent peach to bite.
I'd break its skin with diamond teeth -
Burst the shell and pierce the sheath.
Extinguish night, there on the heath,
And banish, from you, all your grief.
The flesh the fruit would then, like sin,
Divulge to us through ruptured skin.
The luna juice would coat our chins
And light our lips as from within.
We would harvest all the seeds
And bury them, to suit our needs.
We'd grow great trees with glowing leaves
And no one, then, need feel bereaved.
Let brightened branches lead the way,
and make the night shine clear as day.
Light the path for those who stray
And keep the pain and hurt at bay.
Alas, the moon is out of reach.
A loveless rock, no glistening peach.
And life has lessons yet to teach.
All you have to do is reach.

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