Sunday, 2 September 2012

AA (Astronauts Anonymous)

It's the astronauts
who are in my thoughts.
(In the vastness of space, they get bored.)
And it's hard to cope
on a gyroscope,
being measured and tested and scored.

They need some libation
to avoid mental stagnation
so, occasionally, liquor is poured.
Space is hum-drum
until you've had a spot of rum.
*Enthusiasm levels restored*

In their bright white suits
and their fancy boots,
they explore all there is to explore.
Doing experimentation
without gravitation:
a glass of wine is their well-earned reward.

It's not reduced gravity,
but alcoholic depravity
that makes the moonwalk the one to record.
They keep falling over
because they're not sober!
Fixing spaceships while all drunk as lords.

But I don't think it's sinful
that they all want a skin-full
or a whiskey before they're on board.
You'd turn to drink too
if if it was down to you
to boldly go where no one's been before.
(Face down on the ship's bathroom floor.)

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