Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Reverse Kafka

Gregor awoke late one morning
To find himself just as before.
But his mother and father were beetles,
Scuttling around on the floor.

The lodger was now a great fat slug,
Leaving silvery slime in his wake.
The cleaner had become a brown earwig,
All man-sized – it was too much to take!

Gregor was shocked by such changes
But there was simply no time for debate;
In the kitchen his caterpillar sister
Had slowly begun to pupate.

Gregor fled from the house then,
And stumbled out into the street.
All of the people were insects
With feelers and too many feet.

The bugs all began to crowd round him,
Till he felt his insides start to twist.
He wished he was a Lawyer or Banker,
And not a world-renowned Lepidopterist.

Gregor was desperate to reason
With the monsters, but couldn't keep pace.
In the end, he got his comeuppance,
Pinned forever inside a glass case.

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