Saturday, 21 July 2012


It was something that Beyonce said
That crystallised my views.
A tiny piece of wisdom,
Too interesting to lose.

She said (though I misquote her)
"I need no man to chase my blues!
"I'm an independent woman,
"I'll buy my own damn Jimmy Choos!"

I admire her liquidity
And sound financial means,
But does equality really boil down
To funding your own handbags and jeans?

Don't get me wrong, I want fair pay,
The glass ceiling should be shattered,
But I thought our worth as human beings
Was the value that really mattered?

Saying that men aren't required
Is negative and spiteful.
Belittling the boys won't make us look big
And sometimes a fish needs a bicycle.

We do ourselves disservice
With our combative, hateful words.
And men should have access to their children.
And women should not be called birds.

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