Saturday, 4 February 2012

Coming Out

Coming out

Some people mistake
my intensity for hate.
My propensity
to speak candidly
is something you despised in me.
I started out, too young to see
why I was an atrocity
why you'd avert your gaze from me.
My crime was to speak openly.
But I'm too wise to let fear rise in me.
I baulk at your mendacity.
Still I won't let duplicity
put on the brakes and hinder me.
I'll be what I was born to be.
Your anger fills a well for me
I'll deeply drink your jealousy.
Your actions, once a hell for me –
repugnant in ferocity –
spurred me to make the most of me.
A glorious tenacity.
Nourished by catastrophe
and painful, blunt toxicity
of you who swore I'd never be
that which I'm compelled to be
that which flows inside of me
and sweeps throughout my entity.
I let it out and now it's free.
And now you're just a ghost to me
And I am who I'm meant to be.