Saturday, 9 July 2011

Zombie Love Song

I fancy you rotten, to the point of mutation,
I'm basically falling apart,
And if I had left some vaginal sensation,
I'd want copulation to start.

But I'm too fragile right now to start dating my dear,
My lips might come off in your mits
I've already lost all my teeth and one ear
You're smile's got me falling to bits.

Or it could be the exposure to intense radiation
That's left me with aches and with pains?
I'm quite open to rational negotiation:
Shag me or I will eat your brains.

I'm not bad to look at, if you close half an eye
And beauty's only as deep as the skin
I shed mine fortnightly and it's the reasoning why
You should give up and let my love in!

If it weren't for this virus that's eating my flesh
Would you regard me with more than disdain?
We could steal a night of passion, start out afresh?
It's that, or I will eat your brains.

I've been chased by great films stars, Bruce Campbell, Will Smith,
Charlton Heston to name but a few.
I'm still in demand though my body's rotting and stiff
But the only human I want is you.

They say that we women are manipulative
When we find we have something to gain
But just want a man to settle down with.
Well, that, or I could eat your brains.

1 comment:

  1. I really like this one. It's humorous and the way you've written it flows very well and its catchy! :)