Sunday, 31 July 2011

Publication - Forward Press Poetry

My poem 'self service seduction' has been picked to be published in an anthology published in October by Forward Press Poetry. 200 poems were chosen, but the 50 that the judges deem superior will be put forward to the Poetry Slam competition. Poets will perform their work in front of judges and an audience and the winning poet will receive a publishing contract with Forward Press or £1,000 cash! Fingers crossed and wish me luck.


  1. I currently have no speakers, but may I just say, excellent lighting! :D

  2. Thanks. I 'filmed' this one in my kitchen, stooped between the washing machine and the fridge. I think this may become my studio area, as it gets a lot more light than the living room! The microphone on my webcam is pretty terrible though, I might to buy hardware if I want to record more of these...