Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mrs Henry B. Nunn, the Taxidermist's Wife

Blood on the table,
entrails in the loo,
a taxidermist's gotta do
what a taxidermist's gotta do.
But she had a strong stomach
she didn't mind the gore;
in fact morbid curiosity
was what she married him for.
Skins drying flat
in the shed round the back,
glittery glass eyes
arranged all in stacks.
He was the best tanner in town,
endowed with a gift,
his fingers were nimble
and his service was swift,
but it wasn't his profession
which proved the last straw,
it was the regular mounting and stuffing
of Valerie next door.
When the taxidermist's wife
found out what he'd done,
it was the last the town saw
of Mr Henry B. Nunn.
Twenty years later –
when the old woman died –
agents came to the house
and found a nasty surprise:
the mounted remains
of Mr Henry B. Nunn
(she'd used his own tools
to ensure he couldn't run.)
Seems the taxidermist's wife
had learnt a thing or two,
though one of his eyes had come loose
as she'd used inferior glue.


  1. This is f*cking marvelous! Ha, sorry to be so blunt. It rather reminds me of the book/film of Perfume? Brilliant babe xx

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment Gutterflower. I have not seen/read Perfume. But I will definitely take a look now! You know what they say: nothing new under the sun! :)